Child Protection Program

Goal: Good governance practice towards increased state accountability to CRC in CRF target areas developed and modelled.


Corporal Punishment
  • Introducing public education, awareness raising and social mobilization campaigns against the harmful effects of corporal punishment
  • Introducing and enforcing positive discipline practices to avoid corporal punishment in the target schools
  • Working with relevant institutions to take necessary measures combatting violence against children in communities

Child Labour
  • Conducting special research on labour-related drop-out at CRF target schools
  • Working closely with provincial and local authorities to address root causes of child labour
  • Establishing monitoring network at community level on migration
  • Sensitizing local authorities, communities and parents on consequences of child labour
  • Collaborating and strengthening capacity of local authorities and CC in dealing with issues of child labour with parents who force their children to work, to explore other alternatives
  • Supporting vocational/skill training program for drop-out or out of school children and youth; and facilitating their decent work opportunities or income generation activities

Disaster Risk Reduction – Safe Schools
  • Cooperating with MoEYS to mainstream Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) concept into the local education system
  • Advocating and supporting MoEYS to develop and enforce policy and guidelines in response to DRR
  • Building capacity of target schools and communities on DRR
  • Supporting and equipping target schools to effectively enhance DRR
  • Supporting and strengthening child-centred DRR in the target schools

Migration and Trafficking
  • Introducing public education, awareness-raising and social mobilization campaigns against the harmful effects of migration and trafficking
  • Educating primary and secondary school children on self- prevention against trafficking and sexual abuse, exploitation and on safe migration
  • Supporting school initiatives in actions to prevent and protect children from trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation in schools and surrounding communities
  • Identifying appropriate referral system for effective protection, intervention and integration
  • Building National and Regional network with other NGOs working in the areas.