The Better School Building Project

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Around 200 children are currently expected to learn in very bad conditions… a 3-classroom wooden building. The current building is partially collapsed; it essentially has no walls and has leaks throughout, which means no classes when it rains. There are no sanitation facilities. The school cannot be accessed by car during the rainy season and is about 10 Km from the main commune road and 130km from Siem Reap town. We asked the students and parents of children there when we visited the school in January 2015, “what is most important for your school at the moment?” A boy said that “I need a better school building, a concrete one with a gate”.

How will this project help solve the problem?

This project will guarantee the safety of school children and teachers and improve the learning environment and curriculum implementation, which directly leads to improvement in the children’s learning outcome and development. The school will have appropriate rooms for classes, an office, and a library.

Potential Long Term Impact

Child Rights Foundation (CRF) will work closely with school authorities, the School Support Committee, and children in the near future to help them in further improvement of a quality learning environment and school health.

Funds needed

The total fund needed for construction of a 5-room school building by using the Cambodia’s Education Ministry Design is US $60,000 (sixty thousand US Dollars).

Please make your donations directly to us (info below)
    Name of Bank Account: CHILD RIGHTS FOUNDATION
  • Bank Account Number: A/C NO: SA.
  • Bank Address:
  • No.294, Mao Tse Toung Blvd. (St.245)
  • Sangkat Tomnoub Teuk, Khan
  • Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia